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Public Education - Help Against Social Crisis ?

International Research Colloquium – Summer Semester 2016


On Tuesdays, 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. – Venue: Kiel University, Leibnizstraße 10, Room 134

External guests are welcome!


April, 19th Timothy Ignaffo …Education for the Public Good
May, 3rd Stephanie Hausdörfer
Antje Wienke
Information Structure and Design of the Project's Website (Presentation and Discussion)
May, 17th Anna Krontal
Refugees and Violence in Italy - Articles and Reader Comments in The Huffington Post Italia

Kira Seeler Radical Non-Violence: A Philosophical Approach (Paul Mason in the Light of Judith Butler's Ethics)
Mai, 31st Marlena Müller-Gabriel Microplastic in the Environment (Based on a self-produced PSA Clip)
Adriel Watt The Digital Divide and Libraries (A Librarian's Point of View)
June, 7th Timothy Ignaffo Special Viewing: “Examined Life”
June, 14th Martina Hillbrand Climate Change and Human Adaptation – What Can We Learn from (Pre)history?
June, 21st

Venue: Leibnizstr. 10, R.125
15-16 h

Prof. JohnAllegrante, Teachers College, NY What Can We Learn about Healthy Adolescent Development from a Small Nordic Nation? (Iceland) 
July, 5th Iris Peters 

Photographic Approach to Social Crisis and Threats

Chris Johnson (De)constructing Anxiety Culture through Language: A Linguistic Analysis of Political Discourse in the Communication Strategies of Political Parties in the UK and Spain in Relation to the Themes of Immigration and Economic Austerity