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Anxiety Culture

News from the Viducation Project. [Überschrift] The so-called Viducation Project (www.viducation.net) is closely linked to the Anxiety Culture Project at the chair of the project founder Prof. Hoinkes. In this project, students engage with subject content by creating films. For the learners, the film is a dynamic place of encounter between different cultures, languages and forms of communication in which they feel personally involved and to which they refer in a personal message based on the knowledge they have acquired during their academic training. With their self-produced films, the learners participate in subject-specific discourses in the sense of science communication. The idea for our planned book publication and a think tank arose as a reaction to the lack of network structures and knowledge exchange in the field of higher education didactics in relation to filmmaking, especially in teacher education. We would like to invite you to network. Further information on the call for papers and an invitation to exchange research interests and practical experiences can be found under https://viducation.net/ed-in-mov/dissemination/filmmaking-in-higher-education/.


Weitere Informationen zu unserem aktuellen Forschungsproject The Discursive (De)Construction of Anxiety Culture: A Multidisciplinary Research Project Concerning Social Threats and Public Education finden Sie unter folgender Adresse: http://www.hoinkes-research.net oder in Form einer Präsentation unter http://prezi.com/rjwh62r4id-6/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy