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Discourses, Social Practices and Education with Regard to Threats and Dangers in Public Life

Interdisciplinary Workshop at the Dr. Otto Bagge-Kolleg of Christian-Albrechts-University in Sehlendorf, February 19th / 20th 2016


Dr. Otto Bagge-Kolleg (Sehlendorf / Ostholstein)


A Response to Social Threats: Discourse Analysis and Educational Research

In these historic times for the global community, educators, researchers and academics of all backgrounds and disciplines must take time to critically and thoughtfully engage issues of enduring importance. On February, 19th - 20th, we asked an eclectic and cosmopolitan group of select scholars to join us for an interdisciplinary workshop at the Dr. Otto Bagge-Kolleg of Christian-Albrechts-University in Sehlendorf to discuss and engage issues relating to the theme: "Social Threats and Public Education".

This international workshop, and the discussions that resulted, evolved into a rich collaborative discourse, and a working think tank. We had participation from scholars, researchers and pedagogues from various disciplines and a host of institutions: Kiel University, Washington College, Siegen University, Hamburg University, Bremen University, Oldenburg University, Köln University, Hofstra and Teachers College Columbia. The participants brought a multitude of perspectives to this workshop, and the respective contributions served not only as a text-in-themselves, but also helped to launch a sustainable long-term collaborative research project. In addition to the workshop, this international and interdisciplinary project also involves a research colloquium at Kiel University.


               Anna-Kira Roggon and Timothy Ignaffo Herr Prof. Dr. Elmar Eggert Herr Prof. Dr. Rainer Zaiser and Holly Brewster

               Herr Prof. Dr. Elmar Eggert Workshop 1 Workshop 2

               Jordi Cassany Bates and Facundo Reyna Munian In the Evening Herr Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hoinkes